27 May, 2017

Vuoden 2017 hallitus

Puheenjohtaja: Esko Asikainen
Varapuheenjohtaja ja viestintävastaava: Salla Urpela
Sihteeri: Leo Hjelm
Rahastonhoitaja: Tommi Huhtamäki
Kilpailuvastaava: Kasper Dienel
Valmennusvastaava: Kimmo Ojala

19 December, 2016

Muutos jäsenmaksuissa/ change in membership fees

See English version below.


Tiedotus muuttuvista jäsenmaksuista:

Hysyn jäsenmaksu tulee vuodenvaihteesta 2017 lähtien olemaan 120€ yhdeltä ja 200€ kahdelta lukukaudelta (tammi-kesäkuu ja heinä-joulukuu).
Opiskelija-alennus myönnetään Helsingin Yliopiston, Aalto-yliopiston, Taideyliopiston ja Hankenin perustutkinto-opiskelijoille. Myönnettävä alennus on 75% jäsenhinnoista.

Mikäli jäsenmaksusi on jo maksettu kevätkaudeksi, tulee hinnat voimaan vasta seuraavan jäsenmaksun yhteydessä.


Announcement for change in membership fees:

The membership fees starting from 2017 are to be 120€ for one and 200€ for two semesters (January-June and July-December).
Student discount will be applied for undergraduated students of University of Helsinki, Aalto University, University of the arts and Hanken. The discount is 75% of the membership fee.

If your membership fee is valid for the spring season the new prices come into effect in your next membership payment. 

15 December, 2016

You can now start ordering HYSY shirts!

The available models can be found here (document only in Finnish):

You can place your order here

By filling the form you can place an order for ONE shirt. If you want to order multiple shirts, please fill in the form multiple times.
The ordering form will be open until the end of next Wednesday 21.12. Then I will make the first order before Christmas. The delivery time should be 2-4 weeks but this might, of course, be delayed slightly due to holidays.We will now do an order together for those interested but later you will also be able to order yourself from Stadium Itäkeskus. If many are still hesitating to join the first order we can make another big order together again when the first order has arrived. This way those, who for example want try another size on than the ones we now have available (see below) will be able to do that. At the same time you will be able to see what the finished product with prints actually looks like. An option is of course therefore also ordering one shirt now and then ordering more later if you want multiple.
Unfortunately we right now only have a few sizes that can be tried on (PITCH Size:L, PITCH WMNS Size:M, TRIUMPHANT Size:M). Those shirts are now in Kumpula in the locker with the shuttles. You can try these on until the first order closes next Wednesday. Later all adult sizes will be available to try on in Stadium Itäkeskus.
The prices of the shirts are the Team price mentioned in the pdf, but note that a 3,50€ printing cost will be added to the price of each shirt. This means that the actual prices are 23,40€ and 35,40€. IF you want to include your name on the back of the shirt, that is possible, but it costs an additional 7€.
If you have any questions or comments, you can comment below or contact me on facebook or mail (kasper.dienel(at)gmail.com).

1,2,3 start ordering!

18 November, 2016

Nimenhuuto ei ole enää käytössä

Nimenhuuto ei koskaan tavoittanut seuran käyttäjiä, joten se on nyt poistettu käytöstä väärinkäsitysten välttämiseksi. Kalenteri on päivitetty käyttämään Google-kalenteria, joten jos olet tilannut kalenterin päivitä linkit.

Nimenhuuto-service was no success and we're decided to end using it. Calendar has been updated to use Google calendar instead, so if you have subscribed the calendar please update your link.

19 September, 2014

HYSY:n kansalliset 2014

The draw is published.

Good luck!