19 September, 2014

HYSY:n kansalliset 2014

The draw is published.

Good luck!

13 October, 2013

HYSY Calendar has changed

HYSY Calendar location has changed.

The new calendar is provided by Nimenhuuto.com:
iCal-form (recommendation): http://hysy.nimenhuuto.com/calendar/ical
Csv-form (alternative): http://hysy.nimenhuuto.com/calendar/csv

The old google calendar won't be updated anymore and all the upcoming events will be added to new calendar shortly.

11 September, 2013

Nimenhuuto.com and registration before trainings

HYSY has a voluntary pre-registration for trainings at Nimenhuuto.com. All HYSY guided and free trainings are listed and members are encouraged to registrate in or out to trainings, so other memebers are able to see an estimate about capacity of trainings. Sign up is needed for the service.

Activity of our trainings is tracked by UniSport. To give a proper picture of our activity please remember to sign in before trainings at the sports hall computers. 

12 April, 2012

HYSYn kansalliset 2012

HYSYn kansallinen turnaus 2012 pelataan yksipäiväisenä la 21.4.
Turnauksen otteluohjelma