12 September, 2021

Current Hysy membership situation

 Welcome to Hysy!

NOTE: At the moment, the courts are full, we are looking into getting more courts but at the moment we can't accept new members!

If you want to join and play at the club, you will need to wait for us to get more courts.  We will update the page as soon as we know more - check out again in a few months, say Nov/Dec 2021. We will discuss membership fees in the fall meeting for all the members, and adjust them so that we can get more courts and everybody playing.

If you are already a member and would like bring a friend to play occasionally and know there is space on the session, send a message to hysy.ry@gmail.com and you will be invoiced.

Currently we have four to six times a week play sessions at Kumpula and they are all covered by a single fee.

12 months - 250€ full price, 125€ for students

6 months - 150€ full price, 75€ for students

Visit once - 10€

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